"A Brush with the Past"

A Brush with the Past“A Brush with the Past” Artwork is Amazing!

The curious onlookers who came to see the Bruce150 art reveal were not disappointed with the chosen art piece, “A Brush with the Past”.


"A Brush with the Past" created by local artist Don Dubois, features three large, uniquely shaped pots using clay dug from Colpoy’s Bay. The majestic urns provide a canvas for painted scenes of indigenous history, pioneer development and Bruce County’s diverse geography.  Each pot rotates for the viewer to enjoy a 360° landscape. The winning submission was chosen through a rigorous three-tiered selection process organized by Bruce  County’s 150th Committee.


Artist Don Dubois explained that he wanted to pay homage to the places and people that make Bruce County a place visitors and residents alike love to explore.  "The chosen images have struck a chord with me, and are some reasons why I decided to make Bruce County my home", he adds.


"The quality of the artwork and the unique way to express our diverse history far exceeds any expectation," shared Warden Mitch Twolan.


"This certainly is a keepsake for Bruce County," says committee member Ron Oswald. He encourages people to come and see the work that is currently on display at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre.


"The Bruce 150 Committee wanted to ensure there was a keepsake to commemorate our sesquicentennial year, and this will truly be an unforgettable reminder for all of us", shares Kelley Coulter, CAO Bruce County.